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Currently the projects are funded by founder members and people of goodwill. Before KYDI's support to education, Kirewa Sub-county for instance had a very poor performance in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). In the most recent PLE results (2004) there were 2 first grades in the entire sub-county with eleven schools down from 8 in the previous year (2003), in 2002 there was none. Despite a fluctuating performance in PLE, there has been some improvement and with more support, we expect a better performance in future. To achieve the dream of a very good education status by the people of  Tororo district, we have written a project proposal [Download Proposal] and hope to implement the project when the funds are secured. Tororo district trails in Eastern Uganda on education and literacy and unless something is done, the situation may even get worse. This is reflected in the general PLE performance by all the schools in the district in over 10 years now. A summary of PLE perfomance for Tororo schools in the last 12 years and a detailed list of schools showing performance for some selected recent years can be viewed [Download Results]. All our activities are in line with our mission, goal and objectives as enshrined in our constitution which is our giuding tool. [View Constitution]. We work very closely with the local communities to attract their participation despite the fact that these communities are poor to contribute financially. We also appeal  to well-wishers who are able to support us in establishing a model Boarding  secondary school with  scholarship for orphans. The education situation in Tororo district is wanting and it starts with no one else apart from you. Whatever the magnitude of your donation, it will go a long way in making the conditions better. Together we can make a change.

For God and My Country. Updated September 2005