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 "You cannot conquer without a confrontation"

'Together we    will make a mark that will never be erased '

Kirewa currently faces educational, economical, and social problems such as;

  • Poor educational facilities

Good education entails; schools with facilitated and qualified teachers, timely supply of relevant scholastic materials and right attitudes by scholars and parents. All the above are either inadequate or completely lacking in most schools. This has led to poor education performance and increased illiteracy.

  • Abject poverty

This is as a result of low yield of agricultural produce, which fetch little income when sold, given that a portion of it has to be spared for domestic consumption.

  • Environmental degradation

Depletion and destruction of the environment, due to population explosion intensified by the poor support system where people almost have to depend on natural resources. For example people transforming mango trees into charcoal for money to obtain medical care and buy food.

It is in view of the above problems that (KYDI) have come out as a community based organization to try to address some of them. Due to financial constraints, we are not able do much. However for the last one-year of our existence, we are trying the following;

  • Supplying monthly examination questions from best performing schools in Kampala (capital city) to Kirewa schools. This is in attempt to keep the teaching and learning pace in Kirewa schools with those of town schools.

  • Putting in place a local education resource center in our office located at the sub-county headquarters.

  • Sensitizing youths on benefits of education, health awareness, and effects of early marriages.

  • Supplying moringa oleifera seedlings and finding market for the products


    pupils in class

    Above are some of the Kirewa sub-county youth beneficiaries attending a KYDI workshop


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