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Welcome To Kirewa Youths Home Page

The Kirewa Youth Development Initiative (KYDI) is a small but fast growing indigenous association of youths who hail from Kirewa sub-county. Our main concern is to support education and other development activities in Tororo district, begining with Kirewa. It was founded in December 2001 by six members who have since, designed, financed and supervised KYDI’s activities, with support from other seven executive members.

Kirewa is one of the nine sub-counties in west Budama County in Tororo district. Tororo district is found in eastern part of Uganda, at the boarder with Kenya. Kirewa is about 30km from Tororo town; her main and only economic activity is subsistence farming, which is relied on as source of food and income. 

Since our operations in early 2002 we have worked closely with all the eleven primary schools in kirewa sub-county as well as uniting most youth inline with our motto "together we can make a change"

The organisation was registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in 2003 with Tororo district RegNo. YT/321

Kirewa Youth Development Initiative Coordination Office
Kirewa Sub-county P.O. Box 874 Tororo.
telepone #:   +256701870272/ +256752634334
kiyodi@gmail.com or kydik@yahoo.com