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Although the Ugandan Government introduced Universal Primary Education (UPE), Kirewa sub-county schools are among the top 10 poor performing schools in the country. With our timely intervention, this poor trend is projected to significantly reverse in the next 5 years (by 2007).

The strategies in place to effect this change include;

Availing revision questions from best schools in the country on term basis. This strategy is producing results since we registered atleast one first grade in every primary school in the sub-county in the previous Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE 2003). To us this is the biggest encouragement we have after all "if others can we can".

Encouraging volunteer youths in higher institutions of learning to share their experiences with students in kirewa schools. Due to limited funding we didn't achieve this in 2003 but we hope to try some thing by the end of 2004.

Sensitising parents about the value of Education. The greatest cause of poor performance has been due to little or no value our parents attach to education. In 2003 we held several meetings with many parents during which the parents pledged to do their best to create an atmosphere for competitive learning in their homes.

Having special consideration for the girl child. More to this can be found on the funding link on home page.