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Our youth groups methodology of work is participatory and people centered. This is based on our strong belief that the process of problem solving cannot be done for the people but with them. In line this belief, we extended our programs to include poultry farming.

One of our pioneer projects in 2002 was raring of turkeys. In this project we formed groups of bout 15 youth in every parish and assigned them the duty of looking after three turkeys for a beginning. Apart from providing the turkeys, KYDI was to cater for treatment and marketing of the turkeys. However the project failed to yield the projected results because of lack of commitment by the group members. With this experience, we hope to run a more successful turkey project in future since the market is readily available.

We hope to manage a larger poultry project in which we shall keep turkeys, chicken and ducks in the near future. Currently we are designing modalities to achieving this goal.

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